Easy Accounting Quick Facts

General Questions

Easy Accounting is a complete business ERP suite, encompassing all business operations such as accounting, customer relation management, human resources, payroll and many more as modules as one ERP software. Furthermore Easy Accounting has the following features:

Complete: Easy Accounting answers to all your business needs, there is a module for every business operation.
Modular: small and medium enterprises can start with an Easy Accounting instance with minimal number of modules setup and add on modules as business needs and the organization grows.
Customizable: the system is fully customizable; unlike other ERP software Easy Accounting customization does not affect maintainability or performance.
Next generation: Easy Accounting uses the latest technology (like Python and Postgres).
Cloud: Easy Accounting runs on a cloud system, in other words all you need is a browser and Internet connection to use your instance anywhere. You do not need to worry about installation or any other technical issues.

The other ERP software available is mainly based on Oracle and SAP technology. The main disadvantages with these technologies are:

High total cost of ownership (TOC)
Customizations reduced compatibility of these software with upgrades and patches.

Whereas Easy Accounting has a low TOC (view pricing) and customizations do not affect performance or maintainability.

Please note that even Easy Accounting runs on a cloud system that is the system's database and the software are hosted on our servers, we assure that all data are strictly confidential and you are the owner of the data. In addition all backups also belong to you.

Easy Accounting is designed to prevent any kind of security issue.

Easy accounting software makes use of a higher-level API that does not require manual SQL queries, thus preventing SQL injections.
Easy Accounting is high-level templating system that automatically escapes all data being rendered; preventing XSS attacks.
Easy Accounting framework prevents RPC access to private methods to prevent introduction of exploitable vulnerabilities.

Easy Accounting web-based interface makes use of:

https protocol to transmit data securely over the World Wide Web
Username and password are encrypted
Login screen is not indexed by google

Furthermore the use of xmlrpc-secure, remote procedure call protocol combined with security feature adds to Easy Accounting’s security.

Payment Questions

Several payment methods are available to subscribe to Easy Accounting, namely:

Credit Card
Bank transfer

For more information on cash, cheque or bank transfer please contact us, for any more details on pricing click here.

Payment can be done making use of any currency. However if you prefer to pay in currency other than Mauritian rupee, please consider that various exchange fees will be applied. Therefore we strongly recommend payment in Mauritian rupee. Any additional charges will depend solely on your bank or credit card provider.

You do not have to wait, as soon as the payment is done, you will receive an activation e-mail and you can start using your Easy Accounting instance.

Technical Questions

Backup of Easy Accounting instances is done on a regular basis according to your subscription package (visit pricing page for more details) and is available upon request, use contact us to generate a request for back up.

To recover password please go to reset password or contact us we will send username to you via e-mail.

Easy Accounting is a cloud system, that is no installation is required. The system and database are hosted on servers. What a user needs to access their Easy Accounting instance and account is a browser and Internet connection.

These types of accounts are known as portal account/user. Portal user will have access to documents that are related to them.

A portal user will be counted as a normal user and according to subscription package; you have a limited number of users available on your instance. Therefore we do not recommend you delete portal users after a limited amount of time from your instance.

The most convenient way of making contact is through e-mail exchange; info@easyaccounting.mu. If you want to use another mean of contact please refer to our contact-us page.